Telltale Signs Of Sleep Deprivation And Insomnia

Lots of people are afflicted with insomnia and sleep deprivation every year. Believe it or not, half those people don't have any idea there is something wrong with them, as they quite simply have no valid information about the symptoms of sleep deprivation. They just think it is normal to become sleep deprived every single day. Unfortunately, lack of sleep is not, by any means, "normal" and it may possibly lead to future health issues if not kept in check!

Take a look at 2 of the most common symptoms of sleep deprivation and see if perhaps you could be struggling with a serious lack of sleep.

Feeling Fatigued ALL The Time

There isn't really a lot to say in terms of this symptom of sleep deprivation; with the exception of the fact that it's not generally the most reliable sign of sleep deprivation problems, and for good reason. Being tired by the end of the day is a fairly typical thing among the majority of people, which is why it's not always a tell-tale sign of sleep deprivation. But still, when you're constantly tired, no matter what type of activity you might be engaged in, it could be an indicator you happen to be suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation.

Lack Of Focus And Concentration

If you end up regularly losing your concentration while you're at your job or even while conversing with a buddy or loved one, it could be an indication that you are not obtaining sufficient sleep every night. You may feel like everything surrounding you is moving at a super fast speed, while you, on the contrary, seem to be doing everything in slow-mo. Your mental coordination shall be shot, which makes it hard for you to perform even the easiest of tasks.

Are these the only signs of sleep deprivation? Of course not, there are others that you might want to be aware of. Though, these two should be adequate to offer you some indication of whether or not you could be sleep deprived.

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