The Mystery Of An Aquarium On A Corner Computer Desk

I arrived at work yesterday morning to discover the corner computer desk next to my own had a fish on it. I thought it was very odd to have a fish tank on your desk at the office, but the lady who sits there had not came as of yet and so I could not question her. When Sally arrived to her desk she seemed just as surprised as I was.

In fact, she inquired about how the aquarium was there. I told her I did not know and this is what began the quest for the answer to the mystery of Sally's new fish and fish tank. Sally and I began by asking the folks around us if they had placed the aquarium on her desk and nobody would admit to it.

As the day gone by, news spread of the computer corner desk with a fish tank and co-workers crowded her desk to view the fish, which has now been known as Fred (after Fred Astaire). It is astonishing how this small corner of Sally's desk could fit an aquarium, but in some way it did.

Later that day, Jack arrived to work and seemed a little different. He was grinning more than ever before and I caught him on occasion looking at Sally and her computer table. I had a strong feeling that he was the mystery fish giver, but why. It seemed he liked Sally, but I think bringing her flowers would be adequate. I suppose some people love to be peculiar.

Finally, Jack approached Sally and admitted to giving her the fish and placing the tank in her computer desks corner. He said he wanted to do something nice for her, something which wouldn't be anticipated. Sally thought that was fairly sweet and the next day when Jack arrived at work on his computer desk, in the corner was a fish tank that housed a fish named Ginger (after Ginger Rogers).

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