Video Game Designing - What Kinds Of Jobs Are You Able To Get?

In the last forty years there have been a lot of changes in how video games are conceived and designed. The individuals who are involved in designing modern video games have changed and so have the skills that are needed to create a computer game that is functional as well as entertaining. Generally speaking, video game designer jobs consist of initially framing the concept of the game and then creating it. Video game designer jobs are diverse but most of them require artistic, technical and writing skills. Initially, computer games were often the creation of a single person, called the lead programmer.

The lead programmer did all of the video game designer jobs required for the game but then computers started to have more memory and to be faster. This led to video games becoming a lot more complicated. Single person couldn't do all of the tasks which were needed any more, so different aspects of the design job became separate from each other. The lead programmer stuck with writing code while the other game designer jobs consisted of writing the storyline and creating, the environment, characters and game strategy for the video game. The latest video games are developed by a team of people.

If the video game being designed is complex and has a large budget, there may be multiple lead designers working on the project together with a lot of junior designers working on different sections of the video game. There are a variety of different kinds of game designer jobs that are under the umbrella of "game design". Job designations under the game designer category would include lead designer, game mechanics designer or systems designer, level designer or environmental designer and writer. Most of the people who design video games now, started out in the business as game testers where their job would be to scrutinize the mistakes and errors committed by previous designers.

Besides planning the original idea and vision for the new game, the lead designer is also responsible for coordinating all the work of the junior game designers who shall be working on a variety of tasks. The lead designer makes the major decisions and makes sure that the various team members are communicating effectively. The lead designer presents the results of the designs team's efforts to outside agencies or departments. This position needs somebody who is both creatively and technically competent. The lead designer is often responsible for organizing the documentation of all sections of the game production process.

The junior designers that have the job of designing and balancing the technicalities of how the game is played are referred to as game mechanics designers or systems designers. The game design career position that has become more important as video games get larger and more multifaceted is creating the levels, missions and environments for the video game. The person who does that task is termed the level designer or environmental designer. The framing of user interface design for the video game is often one of the tasks assigned to a junior designer and a member of the design team with good writing skills creates the game's documentation.

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