While Normal Levels Of Sebum Are Good For The Skin, Excessive Secretion Can Clog The Hair Follicle And Result In The Formation Of Acne

Most teenagers are very much embarrassed about the pimples and blackheads that develop on their face and spend fretful nights worrying about how to prevent them from appearing. Just as they finish college and think that the problematic phase of acne formation are well behind them, a few of them are in for a rude shock. Acne formation is not just limited to children in their teens. Over 40% of the people around the world develop this skin problem somewhere in the middle age. While there could be quite a few issues which lead to acne formation, it is the food that matters the most. If you are suffering from this skin problem, adopting the appropriate diet to clear away acne will certainly be of immense help in controlling it.

In the past, people could not verify the correlation between the foods we ate (or did not eat) and the development of acne. But, scientific studies conducted by companies in this field have discovered that there is definitely an impact of the foods we eat in determining the well being of the skin. Even dermatologists recommend intake of healthy food to ensure radiant and youthful skin without pimples, acne and wrinkles. A diet to cure acne breakouts will not just eradicate this ailment, but additionally nourish your skin well and prevent it from further damage.

The normal foods that we intake such as white bread, breakfast cereals, soda, French fries, fried chicken and many more are high glycemic foods that increase the level of sugar in the body. As a result, the pancreas secretes higher levels of insulin to keep sugar levels under control. The increase in insulin production leads to the secretion of sebum by skin oil glands to eliminate the dead cells and ensure the skin layers stays well moisturized. While normal levels of sebum are good for the skin health, excessive production can block the hair follicle and lead to the development of acne.

Today, we excessively indulge in junk foods that do not contribute to the nourishment of the cells in the body. We forget to intake fruits and vegetables that are the most critical for good health and youthful skin. These food stuffs supply your body with antioxidants and vitamins that are very essential. The lack of these nutrients can also lead to acne formation since toxins start accumulating inside the body.

Foods that rank low on the glycemic index should form a major part of the diet plan as they effectively control the insulin and sebum production in the body. This prevents the blockage of hair follicles which aids getting rid of acne and keeping it under control.

Besides adopting a diet to clear acne, it is important to wash your face regularly and use the right skin care products to keep the formation of acne under control. Make certain you select cosmetic products based on your skin type to prevent side effects such as acne formation. Choosing creams and serums that have naturally active antioxidant-rich substances are recommended because they promote blemish free skin without causing any undesirable negative effects.

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